The Ways of Worship


Why do Christians do the things they do on Sunday mornings?  Since God hasn't laid out exactly how we should spend that time together, why do we choose some things and not others?

This September and October, we'll look at what God's Word has to say about many of the things we do together in worship during a 5-week sermon series called "The Ways of Worship".  This series is perfect for newcomers to the church who wonder why Christians do what they do.  It's also perfect for long-time believers who have always gone through the motions, but never understood the reasons behind the forms of worship that we choose.

September 20th--365 Worship.  What really is worship?  Is it only a Sunday morning event or does it encompass so much more of who we are and what we do?  Come and see how what you eat, what you drink, and how you live every moment of every day is the true worship God desires.

September 27th--Confession.  The word makes some people cringe.  It evokes feelings of guilt and shame.  Come hear why the confession we join in is one of the most freeing and exhilarating moments of our worship service.

October 4th--The Word/Baptism/Communion.  Why do some churches spend so much time with readings from the Bible, baptisms, sermons, and long communion services?  Why spend so much time on the same old stuff?  Come and hear how those moments contain all the grace and power you need to live a meaningful and productive life for God, now and forever.

October 11th--Prayer.  For many, prayer is what mom taught us to do before bed and before dinner.  Is there something more to this "conversation with God"?  Come and hear how prayer is a powerful piece of armor for your spiritual fight against evil.

October 18th--Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Choir.  Eastside welcomes the gifted choir from WLS as they share God's Word through the beauty of song.  Come and hear beautiful harmonies that express the beautiful truth about God as we prepare ourselves for the final week of this series.

October 25th--Songs, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.  The Lutheran church has been called the "singing church".  Why spend so much time in song if so few of us can really sing?  Why do some songs sound like radio hits while others have a vintage feel?  Are all songs created equal or do Christians need to choose their tunes carefully?  Come and hear how the love we have for music can effectively plant the Word of God in our minds.

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