Titus: Good Doctrine, Good Deeds

 Doctrine or deeds?  Which matters most in this 21st century world?

Should a church be most concerned about solid doctrine, correct confessions of faith, and theological details?  Or should it focus most on deeds of love in the community--service, hospitality, generosity, etc.?  Are the endless divisions of denominations God-pleasing or should churches learn to agree to disagree and just love one another?

Those dilemmas are exactly what the book of Titus is about.  And that's what Eastside's latest sermon series will cover.  The Apostle Paul's short letter to a pastor named Titus will provide a basis for a thorough and honest discussion.  "Titus:  Good Doctrine.  Good Deeds." is a 6-week series that will run from 1/10/2010 through 2/14/2010.  Pastor Glen and Pastor Mike will preach through each chapter and verse and wrestle with God's answer to the "deeds or doctrine?" question.

Join us for God's solid answer to this age-old question.  Contact Pastor Mike at mnovotny@eastsidelutheran.org with any questions.

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