Suburban Legends


 Every culture and community has legends.  Passed on from generation to generation, these legends become part of our culture and beliefs.  The church is no exception.  Over the ages people have sometimes repeated, "The Bible says..." without checking if the Bible really does say that.  Thus legends are formed among Christians and about Christians.

"Suburban Legends" is a 4-week sermon series that aims to debunk the myths and expose the truth about Jesus' call to follow him.

Week 1 (6/20-21)--"Jesus Only Accepts the Neat and Tidy"--Would Jesus welcome people who don't seem to "belong" in church?  Do you need to clean up your own life before he'll welcome you?  Or can you approach him right now, no matter what your history or reputation?

Week 2 (6/27-28)--"Jesus Wants You to Be Happy"--Is Jesus' highest goal for you to pursue your dreams and find personal fulfillment?  Does God care about your happiness here on earth?

Week 3 (7/4-5)--"Jesus is for Women and Children"--Many men leave Bible-reading, church-going, and spiritual things to their mothers, sisters, wives, and kids.  Is the real Jesus a soft-spoken, tender, romantic comedy loving, bearded Mr. Rogers?  Or is he a warrior who calls men to sacrifice and die for the love of God?

Week 4 (7/11-12)--"Jesus Makes Life Better"--Once you believe in Jesus, will life get easier?  Will God take away discomfort, pain, and hard times?  Will he increase your popularity, wealth, and social status?

We look forward to seeing you for this truth-exposing series.

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