Sanctified Sex


Sex.  Kids are experimenting with it.  Magazines are giving advice on it.  The world is obsessed with it.  But what does God say about it?  Did he create sex?  If so, what does the Creator have to say about this part of his creation?

Considering the average 11 year-old has already been exposed to hardcore online pornography, a majority of high school seniors are sexually active, and the pornography industry will make more money this year than the NFL, NBA, and MLB combined, now is the time to let God speak to us and our culture.  Join us for a 4-week look at what God has to say about sex, marriage, infidelity, pornography, and more.  We’ll address these sensitive issues in a respectful and straight-forward way beginning February 6th and 7th.

Concerned parents can make use of our “children’s church” and excuse their children during the messages, if they so choose.  


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