Money Matters


Does that image make you nervous?  Cash and the Bible?!?  Something about it just seems wrong.

Jesus wouldn't think so.  His sermons were filled with money talk--coins, treasures, managers, investors, and cash crops.  The Apostle Paul did the same thing.  His letter to a broke 1st century church has two chapters on money that paired financial terms with words like "love," "grace," "joy," "eagerness," "cheerful", and a story about people who "pleaded for the privilege" of giving!

What are we missing that they knew?  Why does the mixture of God and money make us a bit uneasy?  Why do many unchurched people think, "All the church wants is my money"?  What has the church done wrong in the past?  Why do many associate guilt and obligation with giving instead of the joy and privilege that earlier (and poorer!) Christians believed it to be?

Those questions are what "Money Matters" is all about.  This 3-week sermon series based on Paul's letter to a poverty-stricken church will help line up your financial thinking with God's infinite wisdom.  Whether you are struggling to pay for tuition, scraping together coins for rent, or enjoying your retirement, this is a message you can't afford to miss.

November 8th, 15th, and 22nd is the perfect time to hear God's voice as we venture into another chaotic Christmas season where sound financial thinking often takes a backseat to impulse purchases.

Join us as we discuss "Money Matters" in light of God's Word.  See you at 8:00am or 10:30am on Sunday or 6:30pm on Monday night.

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