Mission to be Accomplished

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Jesus gave his followers an exciting mission to carry out, but judging by the attitude of many of his supposed followers, that mission must have been accomplished long ago.  The excitement, enthusiasm for spiritual growth, and desire to share the incredible news of freedom and joy has been lost by too many Christians.

Eastside's mission is to "grow in Jesus" and to "tell of his love".  "Mission to be Accomplished" is a 2-week sermon series reminding us that Jesus' exciting call to grow and tell still lies before us:


September 6th--"A Mission to Grow"--Growing in faith has tremendous potential for our daily lives.  A strong faith is the answer to marital/family problems, worry about the future, financial stress, and so much more.  Come and hear how to get the most out of your time with God's Word in order to draw closer to your Lord and find that peace you have been searching for your entire life.

September 13th--"A Mission to Tell"--Good news is worth sharing.  However, many Christians are terrified of sharing their faith even though studies say that most unbelievers are willing to consider the faith of their friends.  Come and hear how to share your faith in a natural way that doesn't involve a megaphone and turns "telling" into the amazing experience the early Christians found it to be.

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