Focused on Grace

 Grace.  Sin.  Faith.  Works.

How you understand these four words shapes the way you view God and how you live your life.  Unfortunately, it's easy to get "out of focus" on these key issues and end up with a belief that brings uncertainty, guilt, and confusion.  False ideas can creep into well-meaning families and churches and rob us of the joy and peace that God wants to give.

"Focused on Grace" is a 4-week sermon series meant to give us 20/20 vision on the most important ideas in life.

10/31-11/1:  Grace:  Why does God love us?

11/7-8:  Sin:  If God forgives all sins, why would I fight against temptation?

11/14-15:  Faith:  Do you really have faith if your life is still a mess and you struggle with sin?

11/21-22:  Works:  If good works don't get me to heaven, what's the point?


Please join us and get your faith in focus!  Sunday services:  8:00am and 10:30am; Monday service:  6:30pm.

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