If God gave your faith a checkup, what would be His diagnosis?

Would he praise you?  Scold you?  Expose you?  Support you?

In the final book of the Bible, Jesus did that very thing.  He examined the faith of seven 1st century churches and gave his diagnosis.  He wrote a letter to each one with his praise, his disappointment, his remedy to their problems, and his promise to those who overcame their struggles.

"Diagnosis" is a 4-week sermon series that examines four of those letters and asks the question, "If Jesus examined our faith, would what he say?  What would be his diagnosis of your heart?"

Answering those questions will not be comfortable, but it just might save your life...eternally.

Join us for the following messages:

8/15-16:  The Church in Ephesus--Have you fallen out of love with God?

8/22-23:  The Church in Pergamum--Are you completely faithful to Jesus?

8/29-30:  The Church in Sardis--Are you just going through the motions with God?

9/5-6:  The Church in Laodicea--Do you have a lukewarm faith?

Services are every Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30am and Monday nights at 6:30pm.

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