Coming Attractions

"2012 is coming!" the movie ads tell us.  "The world will be destroyed!"  The ancient Mayan calendars suggest Earth will be radically changed within the next two years.  Hollywood predicts what that day will look like.

"The end is near!" a street-corner preacher shouts as he passes out brochures to uncomfortable passers-by.  Is he crazy?  Is his message true?

Jesus talked about "the end" in one of his longest sermons.  The Bible is filled with references, details, and descriptions of what is in store for our world.  "Coming Attractions" is a 4-week peek at what is coming, according to God himself.  Come and see what's to come and what that means for your life today.

November 28 - December 20:  Sunday services at 8:00am and 10:30am; Monday services at 6:30pm.

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