Beyond the Basics


Do you have a basic knowledge of God's Word or an advanced degree?  Do you know the lyrics to the song, "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know...and This is All I Want to Know"? or do you truly long to understand all that God has written in his Word?

"Beyond the Basics" is a 4-week series on four biblical teachings that you may not have learned during your first time at church.

July 18-19--Vocation:  Where does God want me to serve him?  Am I in the right place/job/relationship to serve him as he wants?  Does God have any connection to my role as a friend, neighbor, baby-sitter, and boss?

July 25-26--Angels and Demons:  Where did angels and demons come from?  What are they doing today?  Could I become demon possessed?  Do good people turn into angels when they die?  Does everyone have a guardian angel?

August 1-2--Mystic Union:  What does the Bible mean when it says God lives inside of us?  Are we gods?  What is God saying when he writes, "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit"?

August 8-9--Predestination/Election:  Did God choose me to be a Christian before time began?  Did he choose some people to go to hell?  Why did he choose some people to believe? 

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