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Eastside's school board, Board of Child Discipleship (BOCD), consists of four volunteer men of the congregation elected by the voters of Eastside to serve three-year terms.  The current BOCD for the 2010-2011 school-year consists of Sean Stake (Chairperson)  , Shane Wolfram (member) , Lon Slonaker (Member) , Pat Wagner (member) and Matthew Hefti.  Every year one of the Member's term expires with each Member able to serve up to two consecutive terms if they wish.  The BOCD reports to the Coordinating Council of Eastside.  The BOCD meets monthly, usually the third Thursday.
The function of the Board of Child Discipleship as established under the Constitution and By-Laws of Eastside is:
a. Christian Elementary School, Oversee and support the ministry of full-time Christian education on the elementary level.
b. Preschool, Oversee and support the ministry to preschool age children.
c. Day Care, Develop, oversee, and support an early Christian childhood education program (day care).
The responsibilities of the Board of Child Discipleship are:
1. Developing the operational strategies and action plans to execute the congregation's mission.
2. Establishing and managing the various work groups, ministry teams (action committees).
3. Establishing priorities within their overall budget, policies, priorities, and goals established by the Coordinating Council.
4. Breaking the key goals of the year into sequential, doable parts and then engaging individuals, and, for the most part, temporary groups to execute each part.
5. Appointing as many work groups, ministry teams (action committees), coordinators and task forces as necessary to carry out their work.
6  Approving the plans of all units under their management.
7. Sending to the Executive Board their program and budgeting suggestions in line with the congregation's adopted mission/vision.
Please feel free to contact the members of the Board of Child Discipleship with any comment, question, or concern about Eastside Lutheran School.


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