New to Eastside?

New to Eastside Lutheran?

Worship at Eastside is centered on what God has revealed about himself in his Word.  We believe strongly in the public reading of the Scriptures, singing songs rich in spriitual meaning, and carrying our burdens and joys to God in prayer.

If you've never worshiped with us before, here's a sneak-peak:

-Generally, our worship services run for 60 minutes. Join us Sundays 8am or 10:30am or Mondays at 6:30pm

-Dress ranges from jeans or shorts to suits and dresses.  God cares most about your heart, so feel free to come as you are.

-We have a "cry room" for kids who enjoy preaching their own sermon during the service.  You can hear, see, and participate in the service from there.

-We appreciate the variety of ways to worship God and apply his truth to our lives.  Semons range from topical questions (What does it mean to be a Christian employee?  How do you truly forgive those who have hurt you?) to an in-depth study of a portion of Scripture.  We attempt to tie our hymns, readings, confessions, and prayers together under one unified theme that impacts your week in a very practical way.

-For a deeper look at our worship, click the "What to Expect" link in the left toolbar.


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