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Our vision is to become a congregation of Bible-based homes, homes where God's Word is read, discussed and lived every week. Centuries ago, that vision would have been impossible for many people. Copies of the Bible were rare, valuable, and written in languages few could understand. Thankfully, God has opened doors in recent years to read and discuss his Word in many new ways. Perhaps one of these "inventions" can help you make God's truth part of you and your family's daily life


Our synod (denomination) produces these daily devotional booklets that provide a one-page meditation on a passage of Scripture. Consider reading them alone or with your family. Contact the church office for a subscription, or visit the Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) website.

One Year Bible

This handy Bible is divided into sections that allow you to read the enitre Scriptures within a year. Look for one at your local bookstore or search the NPH website for one year Bibles

Children's Bibles

Family Ups and Downs

Turn off the TV and use the dinner table as an informal discussion. Ask each person to give their highlight of the day as well as a challenge they're praying about. Then close dinner with a family prayer...and dessert!

Bible DVDs

Some excellent word-for-word renderings have been produced of John's Gospel and Matthew's Gospel. Add some visual images to the Word of God. Discuss with your family and friends what you pictured differently in your mind.

WELS Daily Devotional

Our synod will send you a brief, daily devotion to your email or phone at at no charge. This helps no only to read the Word, but also as a constant reminder to be in the word. Read or sign up today at wels.net

WELS Daily Bible Reading

Our synod will send you a daily section of the Bible at no charge. Read or sign up today at wels.net

WELS Online Bible Study

Visit the WELS LiveStream page! A new one called Justified By Faith Alone, A Study of Romans 1-8 will be starting on Wednesday, September 12th at 6:30 or 8:30pm for one hour each and will last until October 17th. You can also view some of the past Bible Studies.

Bathroom and the Bible

Listen to the Scriptures on CD or MP3 while you get dressed, brush your teeth, and do your hair.


Our synod regularly posts questions submitted through their website. Read through the featured question alone or with your family, discuss your answers and then read the answer one of our seminary professors wrote. Find a complete archive here at wels.net.


A great resource if you have questions about the Bible, worship, or WELS. Very topic-based, with questions like Questioning God, which talks answers questions about God, the Bible, church, Christianity, religion, and much more!

Phone App

Smart phones are a smart way to have God's Word with you wherever you are, and some version are absolutely free! Read a Psalm before bed. Wake up with a chapter of Proverbs before your shower. Use the mobility of the Word to your advantage.


The Old Fashioned Way

Sit down with a hard copy of the Bible, get out a pen and paper, and jot some insights about the book God himself wrote. A great way to get started is ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this mean? - Do you understand this section of Scripture? Is there any theological language you can't define? Sentences you need to re-read?
  • What does this mean for me? - Can you apply the chapter to your life? What will change this week because of the words you just read? What will you remember to say/do/think?
  • Here's an example (Word docucment)

That's all for now, but there will be more to come!

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