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A part of your child’s Christian training at Eastside Lutheran School is in the area of physical education, intramural sports and interscholastic sports.

Our life as a sanctified child of God is a life of continued service to our Lord.  Our physical, mental, and social growths are intertwined.  They cannot be separated.  Therefore, through the physical education of your child, we hope to better equip him/her for service to the Lord.

The athletic program is the part of the total Christian training which finds its purpose in God’s Word which commands us to preserve our bodies, the temples of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 6:19,20).  This education, through the physical, bases its study on the art and science of human movement as related to the interest, needs, and environmental activities of the individual and team.  With an approach and emphasis on glorifying God, this education contributes to the residing of soul and body together.

Physical education, intramurals, and interscholastic sports have three different functions.  Physical education is to meet the needs of every individual of the school.  Intramurals is to meet the needs of everyone interested in participating in athletics.  Interscholastic sports try to meet the needs of those gifted with athletic abilities.

Physical Education Classes
These classes are for every child in the school.  They are to provide a wide range of physical activities giving every child the opportunity to develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills considered important to physical education, sports, and lifetime sports.

Intramural Sports
These sports are to provide additional opportunities for physical activities for those who wish to participate in athletics.  This program requires mandatory playing time for all individuals involved.  All of our middle school children are encouraged to participate in the sports, which are conducted during the lunch recess.  Intramurals also give us the opportunity to teach sportsmanship we expect of our students.

Sports in the intramural program have included the following:  kick ball, flag football, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, chess and checkers, badminton, and softball.  Teams are generated by the athletic director.  A schedule is them made up listing the teams and the order in which the teams will play.

Interscholastic Sports
These sports are for those students with a special interest, ability, and commitment that enable them to participate in a team sport.  The practice sessions will attempt to develop to the fullest extent, within the limits of time, space, and personnel, the athletic ability of those involved.  Interscholastic games provide the highest level of competition allowing those players with greater abilities to advance their skills under the direction of a coach.

We offer cross country and girl’s volleyball in the fall.  Boy’s and girl’s basketball along with cheerleading is offered in the winter.  The spring sports include boy’s volleyball, coed softball, and track.

The Eastside Eagles are members of the Badgerland Lutheran Athletic Conference (BLAC),  A list of contact information for each school can be found school addresses and contact information.  Maps can be found at the BLAC website at

A more complete Athletic Handbook is available upon request.


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